Uffculme School and Uffculme Primary School are part of the Uffculme Academy Trust (the Trust), a Multi Academy Trust whose mission is to enable effective collaboration and partnerships that will support outstanding educational experiences for pupils attending each of the Trust’s schools.

The Trust’s mission is underpinned by core beliefs and values that:

  • every child has the right to a high quality education where excellence is the norm
  • teachers have the right to teach free from disruption and distractions, and
  • parents have the right to know that their children are well-cared for, and supported to achieve their best.

The Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. Information about the Trust, its structure and how it works may be found on the Uffculme Academy Trust website.
Local Governing Committee (LGCs) provide oversight for each of the schools within the Trust. LGCs are made up of Governors who are recruited locally. Their work resembles that of the governing bodies of maintained schools and is set within the vision, values and policies defined by the Trust. 

A scheme of delegation sets out the different roles played by the Trust and the LGCs and Terms of Reference describe the work of the LGC as well as the Trust’s Board and Committees.

To see the full list of Governors and their profiles please click here. To see governors responsibilities and portfolios click here. For a description of a Governors Role please click here.

Information about governors' attendance at meetings and their business interests can be seen on the Uffculme Academy Trust website.

Meeting Minutes:

Members of the Local Governing Committee can access the Governors' Portal here.